Austin Chronicle Best Of Austin Awards

  •  1996: Critics Best Capisicum Kick

  • 1994: Critics Best Assortment Of Mexican Salsa
  • 2010: Critics Restaurant I’ll Miss the Most
  • 2007: Critics Best Chip Tower and Multiple Salsas
  • 2005: Critics Best Chips & Salsa With a Combo Platter
  • 2004: Critics Chips and Hot Sauce
  • 2004: Critics Enchiladas
  • 2003: Critics Chips and Hot Sauce
  • 2002: Critics Enchiladas
  • 2002: Critics Chips and Hot Sauce


  •  2001: Readers Chile-Pepper Dish
  • 2001: Readers Chips and Hot Sauce
  • 2000: Critics Chips and Hot Sauce
  • 1998: Critics Best Chips & Hot Sauce
  • 1997: Critics Best Chips & Hot Sauce Selection
  • 1996: Critics Best Chips & Hot Sauce
  • 1995: Critics Best Restaurant Hot Sauce Selection
  • 1995: Critics Best Restaurant Tamales

Texas Monthly December 2006


Aromatic with spices and seasonings, thepollo in this taco has the rich flavor you would expect in a full-bodied chicken soup. After being cooked, it’s shredded the way somebody’s mama would do it at home. Plus, the kitchen uses both juicy dark meat and white. All these things make a huge difference. In fact, this simple chicken taco is so good you hardly even need salsa. But you’ll still want at least one of the half a dozen varieties made fresh daily, like the tart tomatillo-and-cilantro. Along with this largesse, you get an idiosyncratic dining room with heroic Aztec murals, Mexican ballads on the radio, and furniture that looks as if it’s been reclaimed from a Chinese restaurant. That’s our South Austin. 6400 S. First, 512-441-2424. Open Mon, Wed, & Thur 9:30—9:30, Fri & Sat 9—10, Sun 9—8:30. Closed Tue.